Its that time of year : Sharks

One of my favorite times of year is here. No, not July 4th or even summer. Its SHARK WEEK! That is right, Shark Week. I have loved shark week ever since I was young. I was left alone a lot and sharks were always fun to watch. As I got older I actually moved to south Florida. I was 12. I spent the next 8-9 years there, including my college summer.It was there that I learned about the wildlife. It was at this time I started my pagan path as well. Two years before I moved I had already been researching the gods Sobek and Sekhmet. In middle school I found them again. In high school one friend introduced me to paganism and witchcraft. While I no longer live in Florida it still seems to have left its energy imprinted into me. My yearly beach vacation is something I long for and the memory of the ocean rhythm is comforting when I am in my own landlocked home.

Now where does Shark Week come in? In my shamanic, personal practice I was able to get to know the spirits around me. Those that intended to stay, those that could be called upon to help. To my surprise, and great joy, Shark came forward. I love animals and know many types of sharks so I wanted to make sure I honored the ‘right’ shark. But not only did a shark come to me, but two sharks came. They took me in journey and showed me all the sharks. It wasn’t just a individual shark who would help me and stay with me, it was Shark. The energy of shark and the sea was imprinted into my spirit. They were just waiting for the right time to be invited.

Sharks are amazing allies and helpers. They are strong, curious, and cautious. They keep moving even in the midst of change. In fact, they can never be stagnant or they die. If you don’t change or move, you die. The medicine of shark.


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