Injury and Inspiration — personal event

The end of the Kemetic year is just around the corner. Then I had a speed bump. Only about two weeks from the Kemetic Orthodox Retreat I lost my balance at work and sprained my ankle. I was driven off to the nearby hospital and forced into rest for the rest of the time before Retreat. My ankle is now healing and I can drive ok, but it still aches. The muscles are stiff from healing and being propped up. Hopefully I will be walking and moving more normally after the New Kemetic Year begins.

But never say the gods don’t do things for a reason, or at least take advantage of a bad situation. Everything on the day of my injury aligned so that I had everything I needed. My husband was there, when he would have been on a trip out of town, and my friend was working at that hospital. Although I thought she worked somewhere else. So, small blessings.

Once home and my bed rest removed it was off to paint. I couldn’t keep myself from painting. I went through so much canvas this past month that my first maiden driving vogue after the sprain was to get more canvas. In the last 10 days I have painted roughly 10+ paintings. I few were bad so I may have thrown those out. Now I find I am fully stocked for selling at Retreat. Maybe even overstocked, as I am not sure that I will be able to sell them all.

So is the way of things.


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