Grey Days – personal update

Things have been going well in my work with the gods. My love for them is renewed and strong. But I am feeling my human baggage weighing on me. Money, career, and body have drained my optimism for a short bit. This happens sometimes. A grey period in my life that eventually lifts. I think everyone has those times and its natural, as long as we can manage it well.

There is a lot of things coming up to look forward to. Trying to be more social again and get back up on that horse. Listening to epic music and inspirational things. Keeping the drama of bad TV out. Just trying to keep going.

I am painting quite a often and getting better at painting very small things. At the encouragement of a friend I did start a Patreon, so if anyone is interested they can check that out. It does have my real name so please me courteous about that.

So I suppose for now I will just keep painting. Filling up my time with color.


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