This year [personal update]

Time passes pretty quickly when you stay busy.

Only about a year ago I started researching Wenut and building a relationship with her, Khnum-Ra, and Sokar. Only a year ago I was trained to be a w’ab priest of Sekhmet. Only a year ago a dear friend was in a really bad relationship. And now things feel like forever ago.

Wenut is dear to my heart still. Sokar and Khnum-Ra enjoy a place of honor as my creativity support gods. While I was never close to Djehuty, he also has found a place in my life as a master technician of art. Not an artist but one who knows the technical arts.

This year i am hoping to continue to sculpt, but at my own times. Instead of taking a class it might be cheaper to buy their clay and studio pass. I want to work on sculpting statues this year. I did decent last year but this year I am hoping to do better. I really do want to improve.

There is a lot on my plate this year. Too many variables to count. It will be an adventure.



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