The Perfect Sentinel — Wenut

This Kemetic year so far has been pretty crazy. Lots of changes have been coming over the horizon. While things have been in transition I have been reflecting on my time with Wenut and some more resources I have been able to get my hands on. Not really that much out there but I was able to find a list of her epithets.

Epithets being her names or titles. Epithets give you a little window into the role gods played in their regions during the height of their worship. Wenut is a pretty hard to find name which means her epithets can tell a lot about her. These epithets come from Lexikon der ägyptischen Götter und Götterbezeichnunge. Which is german and many many volumes. I was able to find a portion of the Lexikon that had Wenut’s epithets and translated them using Google Translate. Not the most comprehensive but very cool.

Wenut -Unut, Wenet

  1. cosmos
  2. Underworld:
    The mistress of the gates of the underworld
  1. Topography
  2. districts:
    The head of the district of the beginning
  1. Place Names:
    The mistress of Hermopolis
    The mistress of Dendara
    The middle of Hermopolis is
    The middle of Hibis is
  1. Shrines:
    The holding station to the ward, who will come behind the house of the great God.
  1. necropolis
    The head of HSRT (necropolis of Hermopolis)
  1. development
  2. Creator / Mother Goddess:
    That which exists, creates.
  1. Intellectual Properties
  2. Knowledge:
    The plans know
  1. Physical properties
  2. Personal strength:
    The mistress of the fight
  1. activities
  2. Guardian:
    The perfect Sentinel
    keeps the guard to fight off the one who will come behind the house of the great God.
  1. identification with other deities
    The female Horus
  1. Other
    The goddess

Google Translate can only get you so far but its not too terrible. The epithets that really draw my attention are Mistress of the Gates of the Underworld and the Perfect Sentinel. These two describe Wenut for me.


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