No moment is ever wasted — Inspiration

Creating art is a strange and wonderful process. We can only understand it from the artist’s perspective. How we get inspiration and how it all comes together is outside our normal understanding.

What happens when you do art for the Gods? What is the process of divine inspiration? For myself I am only beginning to understand what may be behind this. What I do know is that in order for the images and art to be created in a successful way takes time. The artist is a lens that inspiration has to be magnified or specified through.

What does it take to craft the artist’s lens to the way the gods need it to be in order to create accurate or successful imagery? Experience. Not just the experience of a trained artist but all the experiences and feelings that have culminated into their own personal identity. Through the culmination of their lives the artist develop their unique lens, their unique vision, that allows the gods to send their inspiration through.

When inspiration moves into and through the artist’s lens it becomes tinged with that person’s feelings, correspondences, colors, and more. They take the inspiration and the ‘message’ through their own vision to create art that best represents that for themselves. The artist’s vision is only honed through experiencing their life. No minute is wasted in a life, because every minute is used to further hone your unique understanding.

And that has been my thought for the day.


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