Companion Spirits – Angels

It was brought to my attention today that I have forgotten to talk about some of the most important elements of my spiritual life. They led me to where I am now by being my guides, teachers, and networkers.


That is what I said. When I first began my path seriously at 14 I was scared. I think that was a good sign I was taking things seriously. In order to feel less like an outsider or maybe more tolerated as a pagan, I started working with angels. They were my very first beings to get my attention and develop relationships with.

I know what you’re saying, “Angels are… christian right? How can you work with them as a pagan?” Fun fact, angels don’t care who you personally pray to. They have their own objectives and rules in who they will participate in magic with. As long as its to better yourself, help others, and does not over step on someone else’s rights they seem ok.

While i have known the Egyptian gods since I was tiny (stumbling upon them and feeling their pull), the angels were the beings that helped me feel safe in the ocean of new pagan faith. I still hold them in my heart and have learned many techniques from them.

I even started a blog about them. Looking back on it there was some great stuff I did. If anyone wants to check it out. Angel Updates

Who knows, maybe I can start a new blog about angels again. Let’s see how it goes. Or maybe just a page here. Maybe….


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