A year of writing — personal update

This blog has been here a year.

With that in mind I think its a good time for and update.
I did many things at the beginning of this blog. Now I find myself devoting my life to the Kemetic gods, mainly Sekhmet as I serve as her priest. There is still a lot to think on as I learn more about the gods and my Lady in particular. I do my best to serve and I think I have been doing it decently.

I started this blog to learn more about the Eyes and trace back into Pre-creation concepts. Pre-creation being the large, old, abstract gods that were the origins of what we now know as gods. It is difficult to do because it is so vague and huge in scope. But I think I am finally getting to know my personal Sekhmet better through the larger pre-creation form of her.

All in all I am still learning quite a bit from the gods and spirits. I am understanding them better everyday and also how to appreciate life more. Here’s to the next year.


*Additional note I have been recently divined a beloved of Wenut in my Kemetic Orthodox line-up. Dua Wenut!


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