Pre-Creation and how to melt your brain

Pre-Creation is the place or time before Creation. Or the still existing field outside Creation. It can be visited through journey or meditation. It can be connected to. Pre-Creation contains a messy culmination of all the pieces that would eventually be Creation. Its mind melting goodness.

Pre-Creation Gods are old and huge. Their existence is so vast and blurry it can also become brain melting very quickly. The Kemetic gods are very fluid and more so when they are Pre-Creation gods. It becomes very vague very quickly when you are on the other side of Creation.

The question then becomes, how do you connect with the Pre-Creation Names of Netjer?

I think we all find our own ways to do so. In many cases you can connect to Pre-Creation through a Post-Creation Name. Like Hethert. She is huge on her own but she is also part of Tefnut. When you can connect through a ‘closer’ deity you can ‘trace’ back that deity into Pre-Creation.

I love conversations with other Kemetics where we end up talking on one god and move through all their connections. We somehow end up back to what we has started with. Its quite a game of discovery if you ever get the ambition. Heru-wer is Shu, who is Heka, who is Heru-Shu, who is Heru-wer in a round-a-bout way.



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