Simple Comforts [Personal Update and Reflection]

The weather is perfect. This time of year is my favorite for many reasons. Storms by day and stars by night. The air is crisp and cool as we move closer to winter. I went outside on my patio last night to let the dog out and was just appreciating the cool wind.

As I stood there the nearly full moon was shining through the swaying trees in the backyard and the sight was striking. I looked up into the sky at the dim stars and just stared. I didn’t think about it when I put my hand over my heart and stared. I thought of Sekhmet as star lion. Thought about all the things that I have been doing and figured out over the years. Thought about how I seem to be tracing my footsteps back to old worn paths in my spiritual practice. Not a bad thing but something to be mulled over.

I pour my heart into the image of Sekhmet the star lion, not sure what epithet might be most appropriate. I feel her there, watching and comforting. She knows and encourages my exploration of self. She knows she is my constant.

Today I needed that comfort, nothing hugely important happens but the soft nagging bite lingers in the back of your head. Hearing the tone of one you thought was on the same path as you, the place, so bitter brings you down a peg. Even in the midst of depression I never was so bitter at the gods. To hear and feel that amount of disdain hurt my heart. Then to hear what they know to be ‘true’ and how wrong or silly what I have been doing is makes me feel distant from them.

But enough about that. Let’s leave that here and move on.


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