Creation is an act of love

Creating for gods and spirits is a somewhat energy zapping process.

It is not something that really feels unnatural or comes to you like a lightning bolt to the head. The urge grows through you. Its a sapling that seeds itself in your spirit and grows. You don’t think on it or notice it until its become a tree that has grown in and around your house. As if the house you built was meant to be built around the tree all along. The direct line to connect is never uprooted, at least not by the spirits or the gods.

I have had paintings I have created open themselves up. I have never meant for that to happen. But when you get the urge to create for your own home and your own gods it is not surprising. One day the paintings are just sitting in the room, waiting to get hung up. The next minute you are sitting in your office and six pairs of eyes are on you. Even my husband, non-spirit oriented as he is, was mildly creeped out because the eyes of the paintings look straight ahead at you. The effect is that they are painted in such a way that they follow you around the room. Always looking at you. It is not wonder they opened themselves up.

When you create for gods and spirits you put your time into it. Time is energy and your effort adds that much more into them. Creation is an act of love. Creation is love of the creator for the created. That part of the yearly Kemetic Orthodox oracle has stuck with me. So when we create for the gods and spirits we are showing them we love them. And they are returning that love with the creation of inspiration for us. Not to mention we are also part of that creation and love.



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