All the peoples of the world [a quick rant]

We can not live in a vacuum. We need other people in our lives and the more diverse the better. Other people teach us things about the world and about ourselves. Gods also do not live in a vacuum, because we don’t. They know of distant places and peoples. They have seen them all grow.

Do you think that Ra, the sun, did not see all the cultures of the world as they matured? Or looked after them? And the big, old star animals could have in no way looked outside of Kemet and noticed some other countries. It was so outside of their ability. That is sarcasm. The star cows, lions, and hawks could totally look over and observe other civilizations. Heck, they did not have the human baggage we do so they could have been looking out for those peoples too.

I tend to think that gods have a much more broad sense of time and belonging. They don’t carry around the human junk like bias or discrimination that we tend to. All the peoples of the world deserve the love of the gods and the gods love them too. No one is separate from them. That is my two cents.


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