What is Sacred? [slightly personal rant]

I have been lightly pondering things that have been happening this week. Then something odd struck me that I had not pondered very deeply before. As background, I took art history and I am married to a great guy. But…

Marriage is not sacred.

The institution of marriage is not sacred. It is a legally binding agreement. You have no idea how many paintings were done illustrating old men bickering over pedigree and dowry from times past. Marriage is old but it did not always begin innocently. Like many seemingly good things in life, we kind of butchered it. We abused it into a way to control or bind two people, families, and countries. So no, marriage itself is not a sacred affair.

But it is a vessel for something sacred.

Marriage is a vessel, a structure to hold what is actually sacred. Love.

Love in all forms can be sacred but none so pure as love of the gods and love of the family. And marriage holds that love like a grail. That is how it is supposed to be anyways. Marriage is also a token. Something to hold up and force others to recognize that love. Recognize it and validate it. Saying marriage itself is sacred takes away from what actually is. Love is its own religion and we all try to be part of that.

So if you need to, fight for your marriage. Fight for other peoples’ marriage. Because you fight for their recognition, their token, to love.


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