The Soul Deep Symbols

With the Holidays drawing close the stress of life has been building. Thankfully I had the chance to get away and rest a bit. I was able to visit family and look out at the river which they live next to. It was brisk but relaxing to sleep so near a living body of water. Usually I only get this same feeling during my beach vacation.

Water is life. In more ways than we can imagine water provides us with so much. Living water brings with it a spirit and energy all its own. The Egyptians knew this. The Nile was the source of all life and creation. All things came from water. Not the water of the sky, which in Egypt was more treacherous. The waters of life bubbling up from the ground.

Personally I have long associated myself as a ‘water type’ person. The suit of cups is easily relate-able to me in the tarot, with Queen of Cups being my minor arcana representative.

When I paint my Sekhmet, the Sekhmet of my heart and my shrine, she is always paired with water. Water and stars resonate deep within my soul. So when I have the chance to sleep, eat, and breath in such close proximity to living water it does something to me that makes all the human baggage silent.

I think inside of each of us are elements, symbols, and colors that bring us into a state of balance. They whisper to us who we are and show us exactly that. The gods know our symbols and energies. At some point we learn to be quiet and feel them too. Happy discovering this holiday season. Many blessings.


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