Everything to Everyone

Today I was talking with someone about Sekhmet. About who she is to me and what she could be. After thinking on things I was reminded that we are all connected. None of us are truly separated from each other or from the world. In the same tone, we are not separated from the gods. They are everything and every place. They are around us and inside of us always.

There is no place the gods can not find us and no situation we are isolated from them. That is at least how I tend to view things.

A bit from my part of the conversation today that really allows me to connect with Sekhmet.

Sekhmet is everything. She is Starlion. She is in the sky and the river. She is primal violence and need. She is the dandelion that pops out of the spring earth. She is the sun that beats down to burn my skin and the ocean that laps at my toes. She is outside and she is inside. Her’s in the will that inspires and the voice that whispers. She is a love that is there despite all bad. And she is the healing that forces you to bleed out and clean your old wounds. In all ways and mentions that is Sekhmet.


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