Another Year and New Changes [personal update]

A New Year and new things happening. There are always changes on the wind in January and this year is no different. It looks like things will be different for me this time around. Personal things that I will be adjusting to.

The gods are calling again which is good to feel. I am trying to get in shape, as was suggested by Sekhmet during saq. You know you have been in denial when a god themselves finally comes down and tells you to do it. Boo.

Thanks to the holidays I was able to get gift cards to pay for a huge supply of paint and canvas. So hopefully people on my Patreon will be seeing more of that soon. I am sure some of that will be posted over here too.

With my new unemployed status I am trying to clean the house and take that on. Which is its own monster right now. But I am gaining a little ground everyday.

I seem to also have taken on a student in spirit work, primarily in angel work. Also a new thing.

The stirrings of a new year or surprises is ahead.


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