Be complete and made complete

There is an order to the Universe. To its movements and its light. To the ancients it was upheld by Ma’at and by them. Rites,rituals, and ceremony helped to lift up Ma’at. These kept the entire Universe from falling apart every day.

For the most part these rituals have disappeared, but new ones have taken their place. The ritual of bathing and brushing our teeth, going to work. These rituals keep our lives intact. There are spiritual rites to feed our souls and renew us. So many of these modern rituals deal with only our lives and only us. Not many deal with the larger matter of the world or the Universe. But maybe through the care of each other, animals, and the earth we help to uphold Ma’at as well.

So for you today, as we journey forward into the uncertain year, a prayer to be whole and make whole.

“Hail to you sacred Eye,
Shining in the sky,
Female sun, burning one,
Be appeased.
They bring you wine and beer,
They bring you menat,
They bring you sistra fair,
They bring you the wensheb.

Be complete Eye of Ra!
Be complete blurry Eye of Heru!
Be made whole and complete,
Together once more.”


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