Beauty is the Gods

It is easier to see and appreciate beauty when it is pleasing to us.
We look at a sunset and can see the hands of the gods at work in it. We can appreciate the beauty there and take it in with tranquility. But there is beauty in so many things and not all of them pleasing.

We have all realized what our own standards and interpretation of beauty is. Many things that bring us pleasure are beautiful and draw out some very intense feelings. Yet it takes a bit of hard work to allow the unpleasant side of life to have that same intensity and appreciation. Usually the word that comes to mind during this kind of feeling is ‘bittersweet.’ Both pleasant and painful.

Lessons learned through pain or that you had to suffer for is bittersweet. These lessons help us to rise into something better and that struggle can be beautiful. But it is also sad that a person has to go through that struggle to be able to attain and appreciate those lessons.

A person who has be broken so many times has their own kind of beauty. Its the same beauty that you see when you are forced to rip away all the illusions we, as humans, hold to ourselves. Its raw and aching. Its bittersweet. But with the right light and perspective those broken pieces can shed rainbows of color into the world.

And through all the pain there is beauty.

There is where I can see the hands of the gods.
Not to be cruel or to punish us, but because without that pain and twisting we would never be quite as shining. Glass needs to be heated beyond touch, melted and twisted to find its shape. Metal needs to be put through the fire and beaten to form. Clay is formed then forced through heat and pressure to give it permanence. Are our spirits any less strong than glass, metal, and clay? It would then make sense that we need to go through pain and struggle to form ourselves into even more beautiful things. To be our best form.

Love your struggle and the hope that after it you will shine.


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