Life of Service

Living a life in service has its own challenges and rewards.

Whether that is in service to other people, gods, spirits, or family. There is a fair amount of sacrifice you have to be willing to take on in order to live that kind of way. It means giving time and effort away to or towards the one you are in service to. This can be quite a challenge for some people. It does not mean someone is better than another person in a fundamental way. Instead it shows you how very different we are in both our life choices and the way we choose to honor or serve.

There are many ways to serve the gods.

And no one way is better than someone else’s.

Its important we remember that. Especially when our own human frailties and flaws crop up. We don’t want to forget that, no matter what, its the gods that we serve and not ourselves. No work they give for us is less than someone else’s work. Part of the sacrifice we have to make sometimes is our pride and ego. We keep doing the work they put in front of us and know that we contribute to the influence of the gods.

Everyone is loved by Netjer.

You are blessing. They are blessing. You are both blessed.


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