Human Baggage

It is a very human experience to have doubts about the future. We don’t often get to understand what is coming to us or for us. Even if we do get the chance to see our own human stuff gets in the way.

Human baggage. I have been using this term for a few years now when talking with people about various things. Usually I use it to mean the ‘ego’ or ‘experience’ part of who we are or in reference to the day-to-day mundane things we face in the world. Our opinions and human portions of ourselves that can get in our way.

I never want anyone to feel that their human baggage is invalid and counter productive to their experience in this life.

We are the way we are for many many reasons. Fears give us the chance to face some difficult but amazing truths about ourselves. Anger lets us burn until we are ashes so that we can rise out of them. Pain is a gift. It shows us that there is a problem that needs our attention and work. Loss indicates that there was something good there to begin with and can be again.

So never feel like your human stuff hinders you.

You are a masterpiece of human emotion and expression.
Keep striving to live. Keep wanting to love. Keep struggling to heal.


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