The Rabbit God

Today is a celebration of spring and renewal.
In mainstream religion it centers on miracles. But for me today, Easter, permeates with old religions and gods that most people no longer think about.

Being sick all week has made me a little tired and slow however I want to take a moment to celebrate a god that shows herself around this time of year.

Though I have written about her before the lessons of Wenut never seem to fade. Her lessons and her strength are always necessary. Looking back at all the older posts I have made about her I realize that a lot of things have changed in the short time I have been working with her. All for the better.




The Mistress of the Fight, the Fighter, shares with everyone the ability to stand your ground. To take a hit and come back swinging. She lends us all the force we need at our back when we are ready to stand firm.

As Mistress of the Gates of the Underworld she opens the way for our beloved dead. She keeps guard for them and for us at all time. Her ability to hold guard in our lives is a blessing that we can call upon.

The Perfect Sentinel is one of my favorite epithets of her’s. She is ever vigil for trouble and perfectly protects what needs protecting. She is also an Eye god on top of all of this.

Not many people know about Wenut. She is a pre-dynastic goddess. She is a goddess of a nome of Egypt, the district of Hermopolis. She is close with the Ogdoad, probably in some way connected to how old she is also. She is also a form of Bast. A very specific form of Bast, much like Pakhet. So when I speak of Wenut it is actually Bast-as-Wenut.

So now you know a little more about our favorite rabbit-snake goddess. Celebrate her and the roles she plays for us all.




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