There is never a perfect moment.
For anything really.

I am pretty convinced that perfect timing is a myth.
This is not from any particular instance, but more an overall theme in life. Because humans are imperfect by nature they can never have or rise to absolute perfect timing. Mostly, I feel, because only gods can really understand the essence of perfect. Only they have the capacity to understand and rise to perfection.

This is not terrible. Its not the end of the world. Humans are not supposed to be perfect. Our flaws and mistakes push us to be better. Not perfect. But better than we were yesterday. Its not a sin to be imperfect. Its a calling. If everyone could live with being imperfect and still accept themselves, everyone would do it.

So many people out there struggle with themselves and the world. Much of the time it is or deals with these imperfections going on around us. And that is okay. We need to struggle. We need to rise up to obstacles. We need to do this so we can get better. The human condition is not our problem, its our problem solving device. It is part of negative things like greed and fear, but it is also part of the reason we fight so hard. It holds inside of it things like ambition, drive, love, and understanding. All good things.

So be flawed. Make mistakes. Only the gods can know perfection. Yet they still love us and need us, imperfect creatures as we are.


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