In the Sea [personal update]

May has been crazy.

So much work and drama has cropped up in this one month that I am still recovering.

Because of this I am finding it harder to still myself and connect to nature and the gods. So many changes and so many emotions have bubbled up. Now I need to keep my eyes on the horizon as I settle into my new normal.

Thankfully this past week I took a vacation to the beach. The ocean is one of my favorite places I think. The sea eases my heart and I always leave it feeling clean. Hopefully this feeling can remain despite everything else.

On another note, a new god has taken up residence in my life. She has been around for a while but I think its safe to say she is sticking around.


I have been slowly learning more about her and what she may mean to me. Especially in my life and how I live. While I don’t hear much about her modern worship I look forward to learning.


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