My helpers [personal update]

So much has happened since the beginning of May and not all of it has been good. But I am taking a cue from one of my most prominent summer spirit helpers, Shark, and moving forward.

Shark has been a wonderful friend and helper the past couple of years. Though I only seem to get them strongest during summer, which makes sense as many sharks are migratory for summer. I adore them and am spending time creating art in honor of them. Hopefully by the end of summer I can post a few pieces.

Other than this I have been trying to keep my head above water. It does not seem like a busy time yet I always am having trouble balancing myself. I need to eat better and exercise, and still I just want to feel emotionally right again.

I know things will change and I will be able to get out of my rut. So for now I will just ride along with shark and keep moving.


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