The lesson of Shark

Humans are complex beings.
We are made up of layers of emotions, thoughts, idea, morals, and fleshy systems that we can not be pinned down to just one kind of thing. So when you reflect on your spiritual life there is no surprise when you find that there are layers there too.

My path began in my 8th grade year, beginning to read books on tarot and angels. From there my want to learn exploded and I read whatever interested me. Over time I found the Egyptian gods, but kept connections with angels. Then I connected with my long time love, animals. Shamanism sang to me but there is only so much self-study you can do. So I learned what I could from the books then went to the source, the spirits. I have learned quite a lot over the years from angels, spirits, and gods.

Now I am a ritual priest of Sekhmet, spirit worker, and budding fan of Aphrodite Marina. The ocean lives in my ka and the feeling of it fills me up sometimes.

I love my gods, I am claimed and deeply devoted to them. And they take joy in the journey i have been on for all this time. They approve of my connections to spirits of all types. They are happy I have so much help around me.

As I continue my work with spirits, I am exploring Shark more and more. Shark has been the biggest comfort to me as a bunch of changes hit me all at once. Because Shark always moves forward. They can’t afford to move backwards. That is a lesson that has been helping me as I encounter difficult things. Thankfully I am over the last big thing and only the smaller, personal obstacles are ahead.

May everyone know the lesson of Shark in those difficult times.


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