The End of the Year [personal update]

The end of the Kemetic Year is about here. Only a week before that begins.

The Demon Days.

Not the luckiest part of the year. However there is a lot to do before I fly out to Portland for Retreat. I am very excited to see my spiritual family again. Nervous about the flight but I know the gods are with me.

So much has happened since last August.

This year has had a lot of joy and pain. A year of black and white. But always love.

I did not expect to deepen my relationship with Shark this year or connect with Aphrodite Marina (Aphrodite of the Sea). The ocean and desert are alive in my ka.

My husband is still here, loving and helping me. And I am still loving and helping him. My family outside of that is distant but loving. They know I can be a hermit.

It it strange to think i have only has my newest Beloved, Wenut, in my line-up of gods for a year. She remains a steadfast support and help when I need her.

The year truly has been interesting.

With its end I will be celebrating another, though less spiritual, event before I travel. My much beloved TV event Shark Week! A fun celebration to my new spiritual companions of the sea.



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