A step on a new path [personal update]

Well August zoomed by like a dream and I am embracing the cool weather we are finally getting in our fresh September. I know I have been quiet both online and in my services, a lot is happening all at once and I have needed to pace myself.

In the beginning of the Kemetic new year I found out I was pregnant and spent the new year at Retreat with my spiritual family. I told a few of them who were very supportive. I experienced things from a slightly different perspective because of this new condition but it was almost more resonating because of that.

There was lots of blessings from the gods as I begin this new journey into a very large and powerful side of life. I know Heru-wer, Hethert, and Aset are all going to be playing a strong role in my life and the life of my child as we move forwards.

Its a little hard to really know what this path will look like, what it will change, and what time will be moving like. However I know I have the full support of my gods, spirits, and ancestors. So, let’s keep moving. I knew this year would be a year of movement, no more stagnation, and i think we will be like this for a long time.


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