Happy New Year [personal update]

A new year and a new set of adventures.

I have been a bit quiet lately because of a variety of reasons. Lots of emotional mulling over, lots of overwhelming feelings, and some very busy times at work. I have also been having a stagnant period spiritually which has been upsetting me. All of this within the last few months. Add on the ever growing pressure both physically and mentally of a developing child coming into our lives in the next few months.

All of it is very understandable. In fact I have been reassured many times by both physical people and the non-physical beings that all this stagnation is important for now. Resting. The gods can see the amount of pressure I am putting on myself and I think they are more than happy to step back to give me some air. However my Lady has encouraged a revival of my animistic/spirit work studies to help me keep occupied and still in contact with my spirituality. And for that I am thankful. Otherwise I would be talking about baby things all day and make myself sick.

Now, reflecting back on this year I have learned a lot. Some bad things happened and other bad things were avoided. Really good things happened and are continuing to happen. It feels like things can only get better from here. Wherever I go, whatever I decide to do, will only get better.

Happy new year everyone.


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