For a few years now I have been researching Sekhmet and the many other gods that connect or aspect with her. While her most popular myth is about the destruction of mankind I find that the story of the wandering goddess resonates with me much more strongly. So whenever I take the time to reflect on a new aspect of my goddess it all seems to return to the myth of the wandering goddess.

About a year or so ago I learned about the first Eye Goddess, one of them, known as Nebetuu. She is very old and, to my understanding, somewhat unheard of. She is also quite a huge goddess with many different aspects. Nebetuu is the Eye, goddess of the fields, harvest, nourishment and edible plants, the flood, the sun, and much more. Many of her epithets reflect this very big part of her role as not only the Eye, with all its protective qualities, but also as a primordial goddess that helped bring about the world and the other gods.

I have grown a bit obsessed with trying to learn more about Nebetuu as she is linked to Sekhmet, not only as Sekhmet-Nebetuu but as Nut-Sekhmet. Its much closer to how I seem to connect with Sekhmet as a huge, cosmic goddess, but also the associations I have with her personally.

Now here is something that occurred to me yesterday, when I was waiting in the car for an appointment. Nebetuu is the ‘Mistress of the Fields’ and over all the ripening of edible plants. She is also the Eye. Now I think about what this may mean in the story of the Wandering Goddess. The time she is away is a time when we are unable to nourish the growth of edible plants. And also the time when the sun moves away from us. Nebetuu is like Persephone, pulling away the fertile aspects of soil and spring, returning with warmth and harvest. As a flood goddess she returns at Summer Solstice completely, only a couple months from the flooding of the nile. All good things that we need in life return to us when she returns.

I am enjoying getting to know more about this Name and how she touches my life as Sekhemt-Nebetuu. I hope more people get to know the more obscure and little known names.


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