Nefertem, son of Sekhmet

I have been learning little by little lately as I head into my last month of pregnancy. Mostly I have been reading an academic book on Tutu, the sphinx god. Its really interesting to learn more about him and other relationships of the gods. As I have been learning I have found a new appreciation and role for the god Nefertem, son of Sekhmet.

Maybe its the pregnancy or maybe its the alternate look at children of gods, but I find myself drawn to him lately. I suppose it was not a surprise when I found him wanting something from me for the past week. An informal prayer and offering celebration.

Nefertem is one of my household gods and I adore him, but he is not a very demanding or loud name. Yet the image of what he wanted played through my mind for a week and it was easy for me to attain. So I spent the time and effort into a small celebration for him. I wrote him a prayer, gathered up the offerings, and stood in front of the new statue I had just gotten him a few weeks ago. The first outside my senut shrine.

The result is lovely and will likely stay up until the flowers give out. I wrapped him in the colors befitting him (green and blue), with blue delphinium and hydrangea adorning him. Offerings of even more delphinium and hydrangea next to him. I find I placed him before his mother and realized it was extremely appropriate for the prayer I had crafted. The prayer intoning him as “Nefertem, son of Sekhmet.”

I love Nefertem and hope that by working with him more actively I can gain greater insight into Sekhmet.



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