Year of Ra

A new Kemetic year has begun. A year of Ra!

I am very blessed this year to have attained what I have been dreaming of since I was a child. To be a mom. My daughter is 4 months old now, happy and healthy. I love her like nothing else in the world. The gods have blessed me many times over this past year and I know they will continue to look after us.

I am also on a bit of discovery this year. I am confirming that my Sekhmet is a bit more than what I had thought the past few years. I am beginning to understand that the Sekhmet I have is closer to Sekhmet-Nut, who is the goddess Nebetuu which I have spoken of before. Its not a total surprise but it is something that I am exploring deeper and confirming for myself.

There is also some excitement this year! I did a Kickstarter and had it succeed! I will be manufacturing two pins and mailing them out in the next couple months. Hoping that if it all goes smoothly I can do another in a few more months. I am also getting back to a project that is dear to my heart which i termed ‘365 Sekhmets.’ Making mini-paintings to commemorate the epithets and aspects of Sekhmet. I started it a year or more ago, got to 160 paintings and took a break. Now I am hoping to finish them out this year. Then maybe put them into a book as a Sekhmet devotional. Fingers crossed!

So this is my year. Motherhood, gods, and books! Good luck to everyone who is venturing into new territory!


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