Spread of Stars

In the past I have made no effort in keeping the fact that my Sekhmet is a Star Lion god. My personal god is a cosmic form of Sekhmet that, I thought, no one really got but me. In the past couple years I talked about her, created art for her, and blogged about her. Well the love and talk about Star Lion has ramped up quite a lot. I hear stories from others about how they are feeling Star Lion in connection to their gods. How there is enough interest in Star Lion imagery that a statue I am getting commissioned is going to be cold cast so others can also get her. How whenever I bring up the name ‘Nebetuu’ she is instantly recognized, acknowledged and new people are getting to know her.

Not that people were not worshiping or working with her before, but the chatter about the Star Animals is spreading. Now people are talking about Star Jackal, or Space Jackal, and Star Snake, Star Hawk. All the star animals are coming out of their ancient starry spaces and connecting to people through the gods that are already so well loved. And that makes me feel good. I am going to try to continue to keep working forward with my Star Lion and expand the chatter about our ancient Star gods.

Much love to the Stars.


P.s. Baby is doing great. 5 months now and we are trying to crib train her (which involves a lot of ‘cry it out’. :<  )


2 thoughts on “Spread of Stars

  1. Gorgeous post, friend! ❤ I've also been hearing more and more about Star Gods . . . I personally haven't had too much experience with Them*, but it makes me happy hearing you talk about our Mama Sekhmet this way (and drawing Nebetuu for you was amazing!).

    So happy to hear that you and yours are doing well!! I hope your little one gets used to her crib soon. 🙂

    *The exception being Ptah. Ptah appears to me as this old man wrapped up in stars and the fabric of the cosmos, and I love Him so. ❤ Perhaps not quite the same as Star Animal Gods, haha, but . . . very big, and very ancient.


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