Flower Blessing Heka

made this awhile ago but forgot to put it here Flower Blessing Heka Supplies: •   bowl •   flowers Offer whatever flowers you bring to Sekhmet and place them in a space for her. Continue activities until you are ready to do the heka. Before beginning thank the flowers for giving of themselves for the heka and the … More Flower Blessing Heka

Ihy Heka

Dua Ihy! Ihy is the son of Herthert and Heru-wer. Sometimes referred to as the son of Sekhmet or Nit, he is connected to Ra as a child form. He is depicted as a male child with a sidelock holding a sistrum. Ihy is a god of joy and music. Through these he is able … More Ihy Heka

Wreaths For Wesir

As you have heard me say many times before flowers played an important part in temple life. As it is Wesir’s birthday I will give instruction below how to create a straw (raffia by florists) wreath that you can then stick flowers into. AND reusable.   You can buy straw at most craft stores. I … More Wreaths For Wesir