Wreaths For Wesir

As you have heard me say many times before flowers played an important part in temple life. As it is Wesir’s birthday I will give instruction below how to create a straw (raffia by florists) wreath that you can then stick flowers into. AND reusable.


You can buy straw at most craft stores. I bought mine at Michael’s. Should be long, found in the floral department.


Take a thick handful of straw and pull it out from the main bundle. Make sure it is roughly the same length and straighten it out.


In one hand hold your bundle tight at one end so you can prepare to tie it.


Taking one piece of straw from the unused pile, use that like a string to wrap around the end of your length. Make a small knot to hold the end together.


Then use the single straw to wrap around the length of your own bundle, making a sort of rope look. You may need to extend the single straw string by tying another piece to it. If you are intending to add flowers try to make your ‘rope’ not too compact that the stems won’t go through but not too loose that they will fall out.


Once you are at the end, wrap and tie the end like you did the front. Shift the straw length into a wreath shape, or leave long to act like a garland. Using scissors, clip any straggler straw pieces so it looks smoother. Do not cut your string that holds it together.


To form the wreath overlap the two ends only a couple of inches and tie them with more straw. Once secure you can wiggle the wreath a bit to give it a better shape.



You can do many things with your wreath base. Adding flowers is as easy as snipping the stem and pushing it through the straw. You can also add ribbons around it or in bows. Or any number of decoration!

I will say that if you want to have a wreath for another god it may be better to make a whole new one.

One thought on “Wreaths For Wesir

  1. I love this! I used to make grapevine wreaths for Wesir every year when I had grapevine in my backyard. Grapevines were sacred to Wesir. Bonus! I think given our modern funerary associates with wreaths, it is a very fittingndevotional act and offering for Wesir.

    I’m going to try this one day! Thanks!


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