Festival of Sobek-Ra

Today is a festival for Sobek-Ra, one of the gods close to my heart. Sobek-Ra was the god that led me to kemeticism and paganism in general. He guided me to Sekhmet who would become my main deity.  He has been with me since the beginning and is far overdue for more attention. So today I celebrated. Every thing that had been planned and unplanned seemed to align with his holiday. From exercising in the morning to spending a day with my daughter, to crafting a bracelet for him, all these things met with his approval.

I set about making an altar for the day and gathering up some lovely offerings. I was able to buy some greens with a couple flowers, arranging them myself in the vases. Realized that I will probably need to change out his painting and make him an updated one. It happens as I explore who my gods are more. Imagery update will be underway soon. Overall it was a lovely day.

The last thing I wanted to do was write some heka with Sobek-Ra in mind. In ancient times Sobek was called in to protect a thing or person. I thought a dream protection heka might be just the thing.


Sobek-Ra Dream Protection Heka


  • black index card
  • green or blue thread/ribbon
  • green or blue marker/pen
  • hole punch

Fold the index card in half ‘hamburger style.’ On the outside draw a crocodile as best you can. On the inside write a note to Sobek-Ra. Ask him to protect your sleeping form, your dreams, or any other areas in your life you may need protection. When you are finished writing fold the card back over so the crocodile is in front. Taking the hole punch, punch a hole above the crocodile and below him. Thread the string through the top hole leaving enough that you can use it to tie the charm somewhere near your bed. Use another piece of thread or ribbon to ‘seal’ the letter by threading it through the bottom hole and tying a bow.


Dua Sobek-Ra and happy festival!

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