Flower Blessing Heka

made this awhile ago but forgot to put it here

Flower Blessing Heka


•   bowl
•   flowers

Offer whatever flowers you bring to Sekhmet and place them in a space for her. Continue activities until you are ready to do the heka. Before beginning thank the flowers for giving of themselves for the heka and the celebration. In front of a shrine or in a quiet place sit and slowly pluck the petals from your flowers.  As you pluck them think of Sekhmet in all her power. Connect with her as you pluck petals, gathering them in your bowl. We should have a full bowl or two of petals depending on how many people there are for the heka.
Once all the petals have been gathered go to a place that can get a little messy, usually outside. Dress appropriately for the weather.

This blessing can be seen as protection, healing, favor, or simply positive energy in your life.

To be done four times:

Every person should take a small handful of petals. A reader will read the prayer as each person turns to someone and sprinkles their petals over them. If you are alone read first then rub/sprinkle petals. Once the reader finishes repeat process until it has been done four times. People should try to bless multiple people and avoid doubling. Unless there is only a few people. Once you have done it four times move on to the closing blessing.

Intention for the people blessing with petals:  “Be blessed”

Prayer to be read with petal blessing:

“I ask that You hear, Golden One!
I beg Your heart turn to me!
Hail, Lady of Plague,
Sekhmet the Great, Lady of Ladies!
Praised by Her Father,
eldest of Her creator,
At the prow of Ra’s boat,
roaming lose in its cabin!
Your arms make light,
Your rays brighten the Lands.
The Two Lands are under your rule,
and the Remetj are Your people!”

Closing blessing: 

“O Sekhmet, the one who shines, on account of whom one jubilates when it is ordered that her flame advances! When you shine, one jubilates because of you; when you are kind, the flame is pacified. Come towards this Living Image! Push away your messengers; do not permit them to be sent against us, so that they cannot have power against us!”

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