Decans and Star Magic

The Decan Stars are a band of stars that with their rising and falling helped the Ancient Egyptians to record time. Every Egyptian week (10 days long) was presided over by a Decan who would rise on the horizon just after the sunset for those 10 days. As a new week began a new decan star/star group would take its place. The Decan stars were presided over by a god or spirit. The decans are only a small portion of the heavens and there are all manner of beings that were connected to the stars. You could almost say that all the gods that were said to exist in Ancient Egypt, served in their temples, had their home in the heavens as stars. “As above, so below.”

What we do know is that the Decan stars were spirits that included in their numbers Arrows, Butchers, Messengers, and Baus. The Decans were said to be living even helpful above the horizon and become malevolent once they crossed below the horizon which is when they underwent ‘death.’ These dead spirits were known as the butchers and were still under the command of the gods, but in a more violent way. Gods that could control and command them include Sopdet, Tutu, Sia, and Sekhmet.

As mentioned before the Decan stars were not the only stars. There were also the ‘Wandering Ones’ which were thought to be stars with no exact path in the sky. Then there are the ‘Imperishable Ones’ which were circumpolar stars which never dipped below the horizon. These were never given specific identities that I have found however I believe that Bast is linked or mentioned as the Lady of the Wandering Ones. That is just a quick mention from memory though.

Unfortunately even the stars can change over the course of thousands of years,  the egyptian constellations are no longer recognizable to their full extent. And because of this the Decan stars are not really viable to work with. The modern stepping stone is still there though. This would be the Zodiac. Wile not exactly the same the modern Zodiac does play a similar role in timing and cycles.

Modern constellations are also a wonderful source of experimental meditation and heka. I read a book not long ago that really made the stars feel much more accessible to me as a source of energy and magic. I will link below.

For a list of Decans you can find them in..
The Ancient Egyptian Daybook by Tamara L. Siuda

Star Magic: The Wisdom of the Constellations for Pagans & Wiccans


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