Heqat Heka – Calm the Storm

So after a weird dream about Heqat I was inspired to create a heka for her. In my dream there was an epithet of her’s about calming or commanding ‘the storm.’ This led me to this heka whose goal is to help deal with the inner storm but may also be useful in calming the chaos around you.


  • empty bowl
  • cup of water
  • cup of oil
  • small plain stone

Step one: Have a small cup of oil on one side of your working space and a cup of water on the other. Make sure that the contents of the cups together would not overflow the bowl. The empty bowl should be placed directly in front of you. The stone should be in front of you outside of the bowl.

Step two: Hold the stone in your hands. Relax and think of the mound of creation that is surrounded by the Nun. Place the stone in the empty bowl and say,
“Steadfast is Tatenen,
Whose mother is Heqat.”

Step three: Pick up the water and oil so you have a cup in each hand. Pour the contents of the cups into the empty bowl at the same time. Put the cups down and place a fingertip to the stone in the bowl. Say,
“For it is the will of Heqat,
That chaos find no purchase,
Be still.
The storm that would haunt me,
Is calmed by Heqat.”

Step three: Pour the liquid mixture outside and keep the stone. Place the stone either on your altar or bury it on your property.


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