Many, many years ago I was a curious kid and loved animals. I also loved mythology. So I searched the internet for two of my favorite things to see if there was any overlap. Lions and gods. That is when I found Sekhmet. Since then it has been one roller coaster ride after another. Spirits, circles, witches, magick, and more. Now I am doing her work officially and since that point of making it ‘official’ my work has expanded into working with and discovering the Eyes. The Eye gods are a diverse group of Kemetic gods that serve many functions. From protecting to replenishing. All are are powerful and expansive.

So now I am running around getting my hands into research. Looking for ways to serve these strong names. Sekhmet has plenty to send my way and the Eyes along with her. In order to keep my head from becoming chowder I started this blog. Hopefully these words can cool and sooth the Eyes.


Brand new site you can find more description of my work: Spirit Called

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