While setting up a new heka space I realized that I have not really talked about heka. While I enjoy acts of heka I honestly do not simply do it just to do it. I like to have a strong enough purpose to use heka or any magic in general. Heka is a very broad … More Heka

My Wandering Goddess

The Wandering Goddess will be turning back toward the north soon. The solstices are important holidays for me personally, I think because I connect Sekhmet with the myth of the Wandering Goddess. Although she is not usually the one portrayed in that role. Still it resonates with who she is for me.     I … More My Wandering Goddess

Spread of Stars

In the past I have made no effort in keeping the fact that my Sekhmet is a Star Lion god. My personal god is a cosmic form of Sekhmet that, I thought, no one really got but me. In the past couple years I talked about her, created art for her, and blogged about her. … More Spread of Stars

Year of Ra

A new Kemetic year has begun. A year of Ra! I am very blessed this year to have attained what I have been dreaming of since I was a child. To be a mom. My daughter is 4 months old now, happy and healthy. I love her like nothing else in the world. The gods … More Year of Ra


For a few years now I have been researching Sekhmet and the many other gods that connect or aspect with her. While her most popular myth is about the destruction of mankind I find that the story of the wandering goddess resonates with me much more strongly. So whenever I take the time to reflect … More Nebetuu