There is love

There is love. Every thing within all of creation is fashioned and crafted. Its very form and function was finely tuned by time. Its abilities and characteristics were beaten down to make it the very best it could be. And through time and support we have our world with all its multiple things in it. … More There is love

Iryt-Ra Returns!

To the darkness returns the light! Take joy and joy take you, for the Distant Goddess turns her face to us once more. Let us raise our voices and our voices rise. The great Eye of Ra is moving back to us. Be sweet the food and the sounds, for the Wandering Goddess returns. Heaven … More Iryt-Ra Returns!

Reaction to Power

Today is a time for Sekhmet. Yesterday was hard on everyone with the results of the Presidential election. In fact all the branches of the government are at this time Republican. It is making many people anxious. There have been many types of reaction from the Marriage Militia project to thousands of people marching peacefully … More Reaction to Power