There is never a perfect moment. For anything really. I am pretty convinced that perfect timing is a myth. This is not from any particular instance, but more an overall theme in life. Because humans are imperfect by nature they can never have or rise to absolute perfect timing. Mostly, I feel, because only gods … More Imperfect

The Rabbit God

Today is a celebration of spring and renewal. In mainstream religion it centers on miracles. But for me today, Easter, permeates with old religions and gods that most people no longer think about. Being sick all week has made me a little tired and slow however I want to take a moment to celebrate a … More The Rabbit God

Human Baggage

It is a very human experience to have doubts about the future. We don’t often get to understand what is coming to us or for us. Even if we do get the chance to see our own human stuff gets in the way. Human baggage. I have been using this term for a few years … More Human Baggage

Life of Service

Living a life in service has its own challenges and rewards. Whether that is in service to other people, gods, spirits, or family. There is a fair amount of sacrifice you have to be willing to take on in order to live that kind of way. It means giving time and effort away to or … More Life of Service

There is love

There is love. Every thing within all of creation is fashioned and crafted. Its very form and function was finely tuned by time. Its abilities and characteristics were beaten down to make it the very best it could be. And through time and support we have our world with all its multiple things in it. … More There is love