Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year is one of the more personal holidays I like to celebrate. It represents the height of solar power and can be a very potent time to perform rituals. Over my solstice I celebrated a secondary festival with my community that was called the Flower Festival. The Flower Festival celebrated … More Summer Solstice

The Field Goddess

It has been an interesting few months. The winter has melted into Spring and on the way to Summer. Flowers are blooming all around me in the new house, neighborhood and city we moved to back in September. This is the first spring/summer in this house and I am enjoying watching it unfold. I also … More The Field Goddess

Decan gods

Star gods have been out there for thousands of years. The decan stars used to tell time throughout the night by the egyptian priests were powerful beings and linked to ancient constellations. However even stars can change given enough time and so the full knowledge of the decans is lost to us. What we do … More Decan gods

Oracle Cards

So a big thing happened. I published a deck of oracle cards and a booklet for them! Links below. It is 100 cards, playing card sized, depicting 99 gods and spirits of Ancient Egypt in my own style. They are water color collage pieces, all 101 made during the first month of the pandemic shutdown. … More Oracle Cards