Why my gods are nude

Nudity is beautiful. I have never shied away from drawing or painting the nude human form. The human figure is amazing and beautiful in its own way. There was never a hesitation in depicting it in art. Until my senior year in college. I did projects which depicted nudity and people were a little surprised. … More Why my gods are nude


There is a shrine in my office, where all my shrines live, that houses a large variety of names. The particular one I am thinking of focuses on one thing. Creativity. Or more specifically, being creative. The word creative means having the ability or power of creating. This is why I honor so many names in … More Creativity

The Simple Life

It has been a long, strange journey to end up in this place at this moment. It was hard to grown up constantly moving between two sets of parents who disliked each other. With a much older brother who was emotionally sensitive to the happenings of our broken family. There was a lot of alone … More The Simple Life

Valentine’s Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. There is not many good associations with this holiday. Chocolate, flowers, sex, fake love or romance. No one has really taken it seriously it seems since college. But it still can give us a little extra to think about. This past week for me has been all about devotion. Devotion to … More Valentine’s Love


Sometimes we find ourselves in a dull, grey place. A state of mind that leaves us calm but disquiet inside of our own heads. I have been living in this state for about a month. With the December rush over, January has been a grey area. But thankfully my grey-state is drawing back until next … More Complexities