The Song of Hethert-Nut



The Song of Hethert-Nut

My stars are bright,
Dancing into darkness,
Streaming into night.

Here my stars are shining,
Deepened in sorrow,
Their colors twining.

And to the melody,
They come to rest,
Alongside others,
Against my chest.

-by me

The shock of events really does not settle into my heart or mind for a few days. While celebrating the Beautiful Reunion with other Kemetics over the weekend something terrible happened. It was sad and it would not fully register in my head. Not until today. My heart sat heavy and reflecting today. And from the deep sorrow I found her, Hethert-Nut. As you see in the above image I painted today to help my weariness. She smiled at me and let me fling all manner of colors at her. Let me pour pain into her and fear and stress. Yet she took it. She took all the colors of the rainbow and turned it into her sky.

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